broken spring repair

The torsion spring is a very important parts of the garage door yet one of the most risky to handle especially without the right knowledge and the right work tools. The garage door torsion spring is always under high tension and if handled incorrectly can hurt you or damage the door. It is advisable to always call skilful and well trained garage door professionals to replace a damage spring to avoid injuries and unnecessary damaged which would lead to more expenses. The spring supports the door up while opening and if broken, the door will not open or close properly. A broken spring can be caused by poor maintenance leading to excess friction and rust thus making the spring break. The spring may also break if it is not strong enough to hold the whole weight of the door while opening or closing. When the torsion is broken, you may note a gap or gaps between the spring coils. If a broken spring is not replaced immediately it may lead to damages that could only be solved by a new door installation. If you suspect or note a broken door spring, contact us at Amityville garage door repair and we will send you technicians with the right knowledge and experience to sort you out. Amityville garage door repair will replace your door spring with high quality springs and advice you on how to take care of the spring to avoid such problems in the future.