door installation services

A garage door is composed of many distinct parts most of which are moving part. At times it is hard to detect the exact issue when the garage door is not functioning as expected unless the problem and the solutions are obvious like the case of new motor installation and broken spring replacement. Sometimes the problem could be just an object on the door path blocking the door from closing or opening. You should always test all possibilities and try to fix them as this would be cheaper than replacing the whole door. If all repairs cannot work the solution remains replacing the garage door. Amityville garage door repair offers the best installation of new door services in the city and our charges are relatively low. You may also see the need to upgrade your door with brand new and a better one either to improve security or for beauty purposes. Whether you are installing the door in a new garage or upgrading and existing garage door, our knowledgeable technicians will assist you right from design, purchasing and installation of the new door. Contact us now, we will respond immediately, take the measurements and guide you in purchasing the right door for your garage. We certify that your garage entrance matches well with your home architectural design and garage interior d├ęcor. We are updated on the new technology and designs and we use them to deliver the best and quality services.