motor installation services

Other than broken spring, another most common problem with garage doors is faulty motor. While the spring supports the garage door weight when opening and closing, the motor helps in smooth and easy movement of the door when opening and closing. The motor is located in the garage door opener and it is a very critical part of the door which should always be handled with care and skills. If you have a problem with the motor, Amityville garage door repair, NY technicians will fix it at the least price in the city. The motor has two parts and it is always likely that only one part of the motor is faulty. Technicians at Amityville door renovators will first analyze the motor issue and repair the damaged part. If the motor is damaged beyond repair, we will replace the motor without damaging any other part of the door or the opener. We have partnered with renowned garage door spare parts dealers in the city from whom we enjoy amazing discount on new motors and other spare parts. This enables us to maintain low and consistent charges for all our garage door repair services. To avoid faster wearing out of the motor, we advise our clients to always lubricate the moving part of the motor to reduce friction which causes wear and tear. Such simple maintenance will prolong the motor lifespan by far.